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Our Position

Sustainability and an eco-friendly use of natural resources are a priority at Bayer HealthCare.
Sustainability and an eco-friendly use of natural resources are a priority at Bayer HealthCare.

A healthy person needs a healthy environment

By developing top-quality medicines Bayer HealthCare is committed worldwide to combating diseases and improving the quality of life of patients. However, a person needs more than medicine for a healthy life: clean water, food, access to raw materials, an intact environment and safe working conditions are also necessary. Economic growth must therefore go hand-in-hand with ecological and social responsibility.

Bayer gives sustainability a very high priority. We are committed to the principles of the United Nations' Global Compact, and in 2006 Bayer was among the first companies to sign up to the global chemical industry's Responsible Care Charter.

The objectives of these international agreements form the basis of our sustainability strategy, which is binding on all Bayer's subgroups, service companies and subsidiaries. It commits us to minimizing potential risks to people, our environment and the company in the fields of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (= HSEQ).

HSEQ – this is what matters to us

  • Identifying, assessing and managing health, safety, environment and quality risks at all sites/locations – also with regard to our products,
  • Responsibly addressing the impacts of past practices while striving to identify and avoid potential future adverse effects,
  • Using energy and natural resources efficiently and minimizing waste generation,
  • Ensuring the safe and environmentally sound treatment, handling, storage and disposal of hazardous waste,
  • Considering health, safety, environment and quality aspects in the evaluation and selection of suppliers, carriers, distributors and contractors, as well as in our collaboration with them.

To achieve these goals, we make the corresponding resources available and apply our expertise and experience in all areas of our work.

Integration of sustainability at Bayer
Group level:
Bayer mission: „Science For A Better Life“
LIFE values and leadership principles
Group level:
Sustainability strategy
  • Member of the Group Management Board responsible for Technology, Innovation and Sustainability
  • Environment & Sustainability Department in the Corporate Center
  • Supported by bodies such as
    • Sustainable Development Committee
    • HSEQ-Committee
    • Bayer Safety Council
Relevant positions such as
  • Sustainable Development
  • Human Rights
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Responsible Marketing & Sales
  • Responsible Lobbying
Measurement and documentation of the sustainability performance
  • Sustainability Program
  • Targets / Indica­tors
  • Sustainability reporting with assurance
  • UN Global Compact
  • Responsible Care
  • WBCSD*
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
Ebene der Teil­konzerne und Service­gesell­schaften (inkl. Regionen und Länder)
  • Policies, objectives and strategies
  • HSEQ management systems and audits
  • Responsible Care programs and initiatives
  • Opportunity and risk management
* World Business Council for Sustainable Development

We promote dialogue on sustainability

Sustainability requires people's attention and many strong supporters. That is why we consistently promote the dialogue on Responsible Care:

We strengthen our staff's awareness of health, safety, environment, quality, and an accident-free culture worldwide. We engage in a dialogue on sustainable actions with our customers and partners, our neighbors at our sites worldwide, as well as the general public. And we exchange views with other industry leaders on the best ways to implement Responsible Care in practice.

Enviromental protection

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