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“We engage in helping
Chinese hemophilia
children to live happy
lives like others of
the same age.”

Patient Assistance Programs

Bayer HealthCare is committed to supplying hemophilia patients in China
Bayer HealthCare is committed to supplying hemophilia patients in China

Closing healthcare gaps

Many people worldwide are without adequate medical care – and not only in very poor countries. Emerging industrial nations like China face the mammoth task of building up a nationwide health system, while simultaneously having to deal with a sharp increase in typical lifestyle diseases. In areas where government agencies cannot guarantee medical care, patients have to pay for expensive drugs themselves. In the U.S. alone, about 47 million people – nearly 16 percent of the population – are currently not covered by health insurance. In addition, there are many inadequately insured people who need support if they are to receive many prescription drugs.

By offering Patient Assistance Programs, Bayer HealthCare, together with partners from local healthcare systems and NGOs, is helping to close such healthcare gaps.

Help for patients who cannot afford medicines

Bayer HealthCare has initiated several assistance programs in the USA. They ensure that, among others, patients with kidney cancer, liver cancer and multiple sclerosis receive treatment who otherwise could not afford the necessary medication. The company offers similar programs in countries of south and southeast Asia, in Brazil, and several countries in southeastern Europe. To ensure access to our liver and kidney cancer drug, Bayer has implemented a Patient Assistance Program in India in 2008 along with the market launch in the Indian market. This program significantly reduces the cost of the monthly treatment of the patented Bayer drug therapy for qualified patients enrolled to about a tenth of the regular pharmacy price for the complete duration of treatment.

The programs do more than providing medicines. Especially in the case of chronic diseases, they provide comprehensive support for patients, their families and medical staff, for example by building up infrastructures.

Treatment centers for a quarter of hemophilia patients

One example is Bayer Healthcare's efforts to help hemophilia patients in China. Hemophilia is a rare disease on a global scale, but a quarter of all the world's victims live in China. Early diagnosis and treatment, preferably as children, is crucial in this disease if permanent disability is to be prevented. However, the sheer size of this country, where the health system is still under development, makes it difficult to provide healthcare everywhere. Since 2008 Bayer HealthCare has been collaborating with partners to build up a total of 33 hemophilia-treatment centers throughout China. The centers aim to offer a place where patients can be treated and shown how best to handle the disease; training for physicians and nursing staff is also provided. The campaign will run for five years and cost a total of €1.5 million.

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