03/26/15, Contrast media Bayer receives approval for Gadovist® (gadobutrol) injection in Japan First high concentration/high relaxivity gadolinium-based contrast agent approved in Japan / Indicated for contrast-enhancement MR imaging in cranial, spinal, the body and extremeties at a dose of 0.1 mL/kg body weight more


A major consumer awareness campaign by Bayer HealthCare kicked off on Valentine’s Day 2015 drawing attention to the highly reliable, but little known Long Acting Contraceptives (LAC) more

Working Together to Combat River Blindness

Agreement between Bayer and the DNDi on the development of a new drug


How important to the world is the right to sexual and reproductive self-determination?

This year's International Dialogue on Population and Sustainable Development at the beginning of November was held against a special backdrop. The deadline for the Millennium Sustainable Development Goals which the United Nations had set at the turn of the millennium expires in 2015...


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