International Day of Radiology 2017

On 8 November 2017, the world celebrates the sixth annual International Day of Radiology (IDoR).

The IDoR aims to build greater awareness of the value that radiology contributes to safe patient care, and improve understanding of the vital role that medical imaging and radiologists play in the care continuum.

Celebrated on the anniversary of German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s discovery of X-rays in 1895, this year’s IDoR is dedicated to the theme of emergency radiology. The day highlights the essential role of medical imaging in the emergency department, which increases the quality of care and treatment by providing timely and accurate diagnoses for patients.

At Bayer, we are proud to support the IDoR 2017 and to celebrate this evolving and innovative field.

For more than 100 years we have pioneered products and services to enhance medical imaging. From the revolutionary launch of one of the first injectable renal contrast media in 1930, to the unveiling of our first informatics-ready platform in 2009, our aim has been to continuously evolve innovative patient care, both inside and outside the emergency room.

Today, we continue to be a preferred partner to radiologists and physicians, strengthening diagnostic confidence on the path to better health. 

The IDoR is a joint initiative of radiological societies from around the world, and is led by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR).

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What Bayer and Other Experts Are Saying about the International Day of Radiology 2017


“The International Day of Radiology gives us the opportunity to pause, reflect and celebrate what is an increasingly progressive and cutting-edge area of healthcare. At Bayer, we are proud to have pioneered many innovations in this field, a field that we’ve been committed to for around 100 years. We are excited about and will continue to advocate radiology’s crucial role from diagnosis to care for many years to come.”

Gerd Krüger, Head of Radiology, Bayer AG

“I am very happy that since its launch in 2012 by the ESR, together with the RSNA and the ACR, the International Day of Radiology has turned into such a major international affair, with more than 150 societies from all over the world taking part. This growing visibility of the IDOR helps us to alert the world to the stunning medical, scientific and even artistic possibilities of medical imaging, the essential role of the radiologist as a part of the interdisciplinary healthcare team, and the high educational and professional standards required of all staff working in medical imaging.”

Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger, Director of the University Clinic for Radiology, Medical University Graz, Austria, Communication & External Affairs Committee Chair, European Society of Radiology

“Despite the important role that radiologists play in informing clinical decisions every day, their value is sometimes overlooked. At Bayer, we work closely with radiologists to create products that meet today’s diagnostic needs, therefore, we understand just how much of what they do remains behind the scenes. On 8 November we want to shine a light on this, and join the dialogue about the importance of radiology and medical imaging both for physicians and for patients.”

Dr. Thomas Balzer, Head Global Medical & Clinical Affairs Radiology, Bayer AG

“Whether it be the discovery of X-rays in 1895, or Bayer’s development of the first injectable renal contrast medium in 1930, radiology has set the bar high when it comes to advancing patient care. The International Day of Radiology encourages us to celebrate the work that we do in this important field, of which Bayer is immensely proud to be a part, and to commend radiologists and other specialists who bring this work to life every day.”

PD Dr. Hubertus Pietsch, Head of Contrast Media Research, Bayer AG

“The International Day of Radiology not only encourages us to look back at how far this important discipline has come, but also to look forward to the exciting innovations that can still be made in the future. At Bayer, this day gives us the opportunity to share our passion for medical imaging and for research and development in this area, as we continue to further discover its life-changing potential.”

Dr. Christiane Pering, Head of Radiology Research and Development, Bayer AG


Stephanie Prate

Product Media Relations