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12/09/14, Research and Development Bayer and DNDi Sign First Agreement to Develop an Innovative Oral Treatment for Human River Blindness more

12/01/14, Research and Development Bayer to Present Latest Data on Its Hematology and Oncology Portfolio Three-year results from the Phase III SPINART study for octocog alfa (Kogenate® FS) in patients with hemophilia A / New data on damoctocog alfa pegol (BAY 94-9027) for the treatment of hemophilia A / Presentations on copanlisib and sorafenib in patients with different hematological cancers more

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Research expenses 2013 EUR 1,654 million
In percent of division sales 2013
Employees in Research & Development 7,800
(as of Dec 31, 2013)
Main research sites Berlin and Wuppertal, Germany and Berkeley, USA
Research focus
  • Berlin:
    oncology, women's healthcare
  • Wuppertal:
    Cardiology, oncology
  • Berkeley:
    Applied research and life cycle management in hemophilia and multiple sclerosis


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Promising pipeline ensures mid- and long-term innovation

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals concentrates its R&D activities on innovative treatment alternatives for diseases with a high unmet medical need to improve patients’ quality of life and prolong lives. The focus is on therapeutic areas with a high medical need, where more innovations are needed despite considerable progress.

We hold a leading position in many therapeutic fields: for instance in the treatment of hemophilia and multiple sclerosis, in contrast media and oral contraception. We are also striving for such a leading position in oncology.

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About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are used to evaluate potential treatments that have had some effect against disease in the lab, or in animal experiments. The whole point of a clinical trial is to find out if a treatment is effective.

Until sufficient results are available from many different trials it is just that, potential. Effectiveness of a treatment should never be at the expense of safety; the benefit of a treatment should always outweigh the harm and is fundamental to the conduct of all clinical trials.

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