Modern technologies & ongoing trends

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals is working continuously on the research and development of new therapeutic options for diseases with a high unmet medical need. In order to achieve this, a series of modern technologies are employed to support a variety of processes throughout drug discovery, optimisation and development.

Human stem cells Research in the field of regenerative medicine
Biomarkers Measurable parameters for customized therapies
Pharmacogenetics The importance of genes for the success of a therapy
Small and large molecules Drugs on a chemical and biological basis
Antibody-drug conjugates Selective and precise weapons against cancer
Personalized medicine The right drug for the right patient

Research Technologies

DNA chips and RNA interferenz (RNAi) Finding targets- with the help of modern genome research
HTS Serial testing of compound-library substances
Computational chemistry & structural biology Finding and optimizing target proteins on the computer
Combinatorial chemistry The automated synthesis of molecules fills our stocks of substances
Virtual drug tests Using the computer to predict the physiological effects of drugs
Galenics Innovative dosage forms for systematic drug delivery

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