World Cancer Day 2017

In the Year 2000

The first World Cancer Day was established as part of the Paris Charter at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium, to spread the word and raise the profile of cancer in people’s minds. Seventeen years later, this mission remains as important as ever. This year, World Cancer Day will once again promote the theme of ‘We Can. I Can.’, which explores how everyone – as a collective or as individuals – can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer.

We Can. I Can. Bayer’s Efforts in the Fight Against Cancer.

Honoring World Cancer Day 2017, Robert LaCaze talks about the importance of research to identify new cancer treatments and ways to mobilize the global patient community.

Q: What is the biggest challenge we face in oncology today?
A: We have made great strides in the development of new cancer treatments during the past 10 years. More patients today are living longer and better. But far too many remain without viable options. As our population ages, the incidence of cancer will increase, presenting a significant challenge. Cancer is highly differentiated – comprising nearly 100 different types – and impacts every patient differently, often changing during the course of disease and becoming resistant to treatment. These unmet patient needs drive us in finding and developing new treatments to battle cancer.

Q: How do you support patients suffering from cancer?
A: Equally important to the research which is being done in our labs is the work being done every day – at Bayer, and beyond – to help improve the lives of patients and empower them in their fight against cancer. We aim to help patients understand ways to lower their cancer risks but also help to ensure patients have access to important cancer treatments. We believe that everyone can commit to increase their own awareness about cancer and help spread the word.

Q: What is Bayer doing to tackle the cancer burden as part of the global community?
A: Bayer just joined the Non-Communicable Diseases Access Initiative and one pillar of the joint industry initiative is the UICC City Cancer Challenge (C/Can). C/Can will launch a series of pilot programs focused on the development of effective, sustainable cancer care delivery in select lower income cities. Tackling the global cancer burden and reaching the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is only possible if the industry, governments and non-governmental organizations act as strong partners. This is just one example of our commitment to the World Cancer Day mission and global efforts to support the community.

What’s Next for Cancer Care

Globally, it is estimated that 33 million people are living with cancer today, and 8.2 million people will die from cancer in a single year. But there is hope.

Patients Helping Patients

We could develop and launch thousands of new cancer drugs – but those efforts would be fruitless if patients weren’t educated enough about cancer to know when to seek help. Hear from two patient ambassadors who are sharing their experiences to help empower others like them.

Ken Mastris, Chairman of Europa Uomo and prostate cancer survivor
Ken Griffey Sr., Baseball All-Star and Men Who Speak Up spokesman

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