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U.S. FDA approves a modern treatment for patients with hemophilia A

The United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration has approved Bayer's modern treatment for hemophilia A. Adults and adolescents with hemophilia A in the U.S. could experience greater freedom and independence from a new treatment that offers proven efficacy with the potential for fewer infusions in some people.

Giving patients more options

The uniquely designed treatment can be administered as a preventative measure on a flexible basis or on demand.

Hemophilia A can cause bleeds in muscles, joints or other tissues, which can result in chronic joint damage over time. Bleeds in certain areas can even be life-threatening. The flexibility of this new treatment addresses the growing demand from people with hemophilia A for a treatment that has the potential to integrate better with their individual lifestyle choices and needs, without compromising on safety or effectiveness.

This is our third FDA-approved hemophilia A treatment in the United States. At Bayer, we want to help people with hemophilia live better and we are seeking further approvals for this new treatment in the European Union and Japan, giving patients worldwide more options.