Ethics and transparency

Global guidelines

Compliance and transparency create confidence

Health is a precious commodity that needs special protection. Being involved in the development, production and distribution of medicines, as well as dealing with physicians and patients, the pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict rules, regulations and laws. We do not regard adhering to these rules worldwide as a tiresome duty. Binding rules create a seal of quality for pharmaceutical products which builds confidence in the quality and efficacy of both drugs and drug information. And a company that respects laws worldwide and acts in an ethical manner proves itself to be a responsible partner.

We take this responsibility seriously. Bayer expects of its 37,000 employees worldwide that their actions are always determined by integrity in the sense of Bayer's Group-wide Corporate Compliance Policy. It is no coincidence that the "I" for Integrity takes a central position in our global corporate values – as summarized by the term "LIFE".

Responsibility in all fields

This responsibility for the patients who are treated with our medicines worldwide extends to all areas of work in our company.

Extremely high standards apply to the conduct of clinical studies, for this is always the first time a new active substance is used on people. Furthermore, the study data collected on safety and efficacy must give the regulatory authorities all over the world a reliable foundation, comparable with other studies, on which to decide whether a drug can go on sale at the pharmacy.

For more information please go to: Clinical trails

We also demand maximum integrity of our employees in the marketing of products – i.e. consistent, reliable communication on all aspects of our products and with all our customers and partners. Bayer is firmly committed to all the principles adopted by the Community Board for Sustainable Development in 2011; these principles are summarized in the Group policy document on Responsible Marketing and Sales.

By always strictly following the regulations on principle, we guarantee physicians and patients that they can rely on the high quality of products and product information from Bayer. To ensure that this reliability endures, we fight drug counterfeiting with all the strength at our disposal. We collaborate closely in this context with the responsible authorities and institutions: counterfeit drugs are dangerous for patients – and for our company.