Innovation + Partnering

Facts and figures

Improving patients' quality of life with innovation

Bayer invests considerable resources in the research and development of new drugs, with the aim of improving patients' quality of life and prolonging lives. We focus on therapeutic areas with a high unmet medical need, areas that require further innovation despite the progress that has been made – as for example in cancer therapy. In this context, Bayer focuses on its core competencies and builds on many years of research experience.

Focus on therapeutic areas with a high unmet medical need

Bayer concentrates the internal drug discovery of active ingredients on the core areas of Oncology, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Gynecology. With new approaches in cancer therapy, cardiovascular diseases and gynecological therapies, we aim to become the innovation leader in these areas.

Research and development highlights

  • In 2016 Bayer invested €2.736 billion in pharmaceutical research and development. This research effort represents 16.7 percent of total sales in the Pharmaceuticals Division.
  • About 50 development projects in clinical trials are currently ongoing worldwide.
  • Bayer was awarded the “Deutsche Zukunftspreis” (Germany's most important innovation award) by the German Federal President in 2015 for the development of riociguat and in 2009 for the development of rivaroxaban.
  • Bayer invests continuously in expanding its innovative strength. We established “Science and Innovation Hubs” in addition to our pharmaceutical research locations in Berlin, Wuppertal/Cologne, Berkeley, Oslo and Turku:
    • U.S. Innovation Center San Francisco (USA)
    • Innovation Center China (Beijing)
    • Innovation Center Singapore
    • Innovation Center Japan
    • East Coast Innovation Center, Boston (USA)
  • Bayer collaborates with innovative partners from academia and industry in all phases of pharmaceutical research and development. We have strategic partnerships with research institutes such as the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg (Germany), Tsinghua University in Beijing (China) and the Broad Institute in Cambridge (USA), and are actively involved in projects of the European Union's Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).

Research locations

Bayer is one of the leading research-based pharmaceutical companies worldwide. As a globally active company we maintain a network of research and development locations around the world. At these sites, more than 7,800 employees are working in the area of R&D with the aim of improving the health of patients.

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, we focus our research activities in the therapeutic areas of:

  • Oncology
  • Gynecology
  • Cross-indication platform
Berlin, Germany

Wuppertal, Germany

In Wuppertal our research scientists focus on the areas of:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • R&D of biologics
  • Cross-indication platform
Wuppertal, Germany

Bay Area, California, U.S.A.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Bayer runs laboratories that are specialized in the areas of:

  • R&D of biologics

The Bay Area is also home to our U.S. Innovation Center, which was established in 2010 and serves as our science hub for research collaborations in the United States.

Oslo, Norway

Our research facility in Oslo, Norway, is specialized in the area of:

  • Oncology: Targeted thorium conjugates platform

Turku, Finland

In Turku, Finland, scientists from our Chemical and Pharmaceutical Development focus on developing:

  • Polymer-based drug delivery systems