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Harnessing the power of alpha radiation

Potential for patients with difficult-to-treat tumors

Standard cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can be ineffective when used against difficult-to-treat tumors. There is a high unmet medical need for such cancer types, and they remain a key focus area for innovation.

We are working on a method to breakdown the defenses of those cancer cells by using radiation. Our unique approach uses targeted thorium conjugates (TTCs). The radioactive ingredient, thorium, is guided through the body to the tumor site where it releases targeted tumor-destroying radiation. As the action on the tumor is localized, the approach seeks to minimize damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

The TTC research platform is still in its investigational stages, but it could be a source of new hope for patients who suffer from cancers including lymphoma, prostate, or breast cancer.

If you are curious to learn more about this unique approach, including the clinical trial status of the platform, please refer to our factsheet on TTCs: