Our philosophy

Bayer – the best partner for your project

The knowledge of biochemical processes and underlying genetic causes of diseases is growing at record speed, and research and development require a degree of specialization that a single organization can no longer achieve on its own. Through partnering we can fully leverage today’s scientific know-how and translate it into innovative medicines for patients.

For many years Bayer has been banking on long-standing partnerships with academic institutions, biotech start-ups, and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Our collaborations range from strategic alliances in basic research and the development of new technologies to concrete R&D projects in our core therapeutic areas or co-development and co-commercialization agreements. In the years to come, we plan to further extend our partnering activities and invest even more in collaboration and external innovation.

It is greatly important for us to work, develop research ideas and find the best collaborative solution for each project on eye-level with our partners from academia and industry. True partnerships have the power to kindle the innovative impulses that advance medicine and benefit patients as well as our partners and ourselves.

We aim to build true and tailored collaboration models united by an innovation- and outcome-driven mindset and strongly focusing on the patients as we adhere to our mission, Science For A Better Life.