Men's health


Prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer among men in the world and is one of the main focuses of the Movember awareness campaign.

Why we Mo'

For the fifth year in a row, Bayer is supporting the global nonprofit, Movember Foundation, which fosters open dialogue about men’s health issues including prostate cancer. Movember aims to reduce the number of preventable deaths from diseases such as prostate cancer by advocating for men to be in touch with their health through regular doctor checkups, awareness of family disease history and by sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Every year in the month of November, men are encouraged to grow a moustache (Mo’) and join the awareness campaign to increase the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.

Take a look at our Twitter and Facebook channels throughout November and check out how Bayer is supporting the Movember initiative.

Prostate Cancer

What is it?

Prostate cancer is a cancer that starts in the prostate gland, which is a part of a man’s reproductive system. Prostate cancer differs from most other cancers, in that small areas of cancer within the prostate are very common and may stay inactive for many years.

Who can get it?

The disease is rare in men under 50 – more than half of all cases are diagnosed in men over age 65. If you have a father or brother diagnosed with prostate cancer, the risk of you developing the disease is much higher.

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