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Testosterone deficiency

Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is formed in the testes. It has important functions in the various phases of life. In unborn babies, it ensures the development of the male sex organs. In puberty, it is responsible for masculinization. In adults, finally, it controls the sexual function and maintains a man's phenotype, i.e. the typical male characteristics.

When a man lacks his most important hormone

All these functions can be impaired if there is a lack of testosterone, a condition known as hypogonadism. The causes can be inherited or acquired diseases of the testes, or problems in the control center responsible for testes function in the brain. Age is also a factor that affects testosterone production. About a third of men are affected by testosterone deficiency in the second half of their lives.

The signs are often diffuse and unspecific. For example, intellectual and physical performance and muscular strength can decline. Fear, depression, irritability, and lack of concentration are further symptoms. Declining testosterone production can also adversely affect the libido, erectility and sperm production. Osteoporosis is another possible consequence, as are declining beard growth and hair loss.

Injection or gel

Hormone-replacement therapies can help men with testosterone deficiency, improve their mental and physical well-being, sexual satisfaction, and quality of life. This is also a way of preventing possible sequels such as osteoporosis.

In such hormone-replacement therapies, the lack of testosterone is made up from outside. This can be done in several ways: by injection, patches, implants or tablets. The testosterone products offered by Bayer are for injection or application on the skin as a gel. In the case of the product for injection, we have succeeded for the first time in developing a drug that only needs to be given once a quarter. The gel is applied once a day and absorbed quickly by the skin.

Advice for patients

Each body reacts differently to medicines. Therefore it is impossible to tell which medicine works best for you. Please consult your physician