The Impact of Prostate Cancer Treatment on Patients’ Everyday Life

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For years, prostate cancer has carried a stigma of being an easy cancer: one that men live with and that doctors can simply “watch and wait”. But many people do not realize that prostate cancer is a complex disease. For some men, it can progress to advanced stages that require treatment and can have a significant impact on their daily lives.

To learn about the impact of advanced prostate cancer and treatment on patients’ day-to-day activities, Bayer conducted an online survey of 150 men in four countries (United States, China, Japan, and Germany) who are living with advanced prostate cancer. Of patients surveyed1:


  • 84% reported that a treatment’s potential impact on day-to-day activities is important to discuss with their doctor
  • 7 out of 10 said that taking care of or playing with their grandchildren or other young family members is important
  • Two-thirds who are receiving or have previously received chemotherapy were concerned about the impact chemotherapy would have on their day-to-day life when they started treatment
  • The majority said that discussing potential side effects is an important factor in treatment conversations, yet only 60% of those respondents receiving medical treatment said it was part of discussions with their doctors



The survey uncovered an important gap between what some advanced prostate cancer patients surveyed said is important to discuss with their doctor about treatments and what they actually discussed.


#Movember 2020

During Movember, Bayer is sharing experiences from men living with different stages of prostate cancer to raise awareness and educate others who may be impacted by this disease.


Hear more from men living with prostate cancer and their caregivers:

  • “I’m very active. I play golf once or twice a week. I volunteer at an animal shelter. I like hanging with my granddaughter. I retired on May 4th of 2009 and two weeks later I found out that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My only reaction was that I wanted the cancer that was in my body…out.” – Prostate Cancer Patient
  • “Prostate cancer, mainly the diagnosis and the treatments, impacts your life. For some more than others, but it has an impact on your life and thus on your quality of life.” – Prostate Cancer Patient
  • “I have six children and presently 12 grandchildren – we have a lot of very happy events that occur in any given calendar year. Being around for my family is the most important thing for me.” – Prostate Cancer Patient
  • “[Prostate cancer] is a tough thing to live with on a day-to-day basis, knowing that you have this burden and also just the way it makes you maybe feel on certain days. But having a supportive network – family, friends and so on – really made it a lot easier for my dad to go through.” – Loved One of a Prostate Cancer Patient
  • “When I was getting my cancer treatment, my wife was there 100% of the time, and she made it doable.” – Prostate Cancer Patient