Leadership Perspective

Child Receiving a Vaccine

We have made bold commitments to equitable healthcare and are focusing our efforts on where we can make the largest impact. We know that driving access, alongside innovation, is the key to a future where there is Health for All.

Stefan Oelrich
Sustainability is not new to us. It is core to our strategy and operations, and we have long been committed to having a positive impact on society and the planet hand-in-hand with financial performance – guided by our vision, ‘Health for All’.
Stefan Oelrich
President of the Pharmaceuticals Division and Member of the Board of Management, Bayer

Despite great improvements over the last century, it is a sad fact that access to healthcare continues to be dictated by circumstance. While astounding innovations are being made in the laboratory, it is often only individuals in the western world that benefit. Those living in lower income economies continue to struggle to access even basic healthcare and as a result are held in perpetual poverty.


This issue may feel far removed for many of us, but it ultimately impacts us all. Across the world the well-being of our communities is closely interlinked, as was clearly demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a society, only by supporting those most in need can we all thrive in the long term. Only by investing in communities through health provision will countries be able to build the proper infrastructure and human capital to drive sustainable and inclusive economic growth, enabling them to contribute to, not rely on, the global economy.


Personally, I see it as an honor to have the chance to contribute to a more equitable world. As a business leader I believe that sustainability is as key to the success of the business as it is the success of society. Each of the leaders within the pharmaceutical division share this view and act as champions for this approach, working in their areas of expertise to ensure our scientific expertise, our products, our partnerships and our global networks bring tangible shift towards a more equitable future.”

Jeanne Kehren
I am driven by seeing science have an impact in real life, which means getting treatments to the patients.
Jeanne Kehren
Member of Bayer Pharmaceutical Division Executive Committee, Senior Vice President Digital & Commercial Innovation, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

The work I am doing is to identify and address systemic inefficiencies and reshape the way healthcare is delivered, experienced and monitored to improve patient outcomes. I aim to drive effective digital transformation within healthcare, with a focus on sustainability and access to ensure that the business has a positive impact on the lives of many.


Sustainability is the right thing to do. Making a profit is important but it is just our fuel, as more and more investors and people are looking at sustainability before investing in a company. People are realizing that they need to invest in places that are going to help us all live in a better world for the long term, and for this reason sustainability is becoming a key part of our strategy and our way of moving forward.’’

Dr. Claus Runge
At Bayer, we believe in building a sustainable future for society through health.
Dr. Claus Runge
Global Head of Market Access, Public Affairs & Sustainability, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

I think it is this industry’s responsibility to uplift some of the most disadvantaged populations across the world by working to ensure systems provide universal access to health – enabling individuals to thrive and realize their full potential. Helping to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development is central to our vision at Bayer."

Frank Strelow
Activating our sustainability agenda is an exciting endeavor, which needs all the expertise available in our organization.
Dr. Frank Strelow
Head of Sustainability, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

It is great to see how sustainability as a strategic pillar resonates with the ambitions of all Bayer Pharma employees.”